The Artist

Hello! My name is Athena and I am the maker of everything you see here.  I first began metalsmithing when I was a painter in college. I wandered into a metalsmithing studio and instantly fell in love. That is when I put down my brush and picked up a torch and hammer. I have been smithing ever since 2002.

I am originally from Southern California but have called the rural woodlands of Vermont home since 2010. I live here with the love of my life and two amazing children.

My studio is nestled in the Vermont woodlands. It is a beautiful backdrop to create within.
My artisitic process is half intuitive and half planned and always a joy to move through.

My  process and production are as environmentally friendly as possible. I use non-toxic chemicals, recycle and reuse all my metal, and source my materials from ethically and fair trade sources.

How it’s made matters and you can feel good about wearing my jewelry.

While most things these days are made digitally, my work is all hand done.  I draw on paper with a pencil and work everything out in a sketchbook beforehand. I then transfer my designs onto sterling silver. I try to keep things as low-tech as possible. I often get ideas while I am creating and keeping things low tech allows that spontaneity to happen. Working this way allows me to create intuitively and gives room for my artistic process to unfold.