Bandit Metalsmithing is going through a growth spurt! I have done a lot of artistic experimentation and trying to find my groove as a metalsmith and artist. My work will be changing and so will my overall branding. I am so excited to share this new direction with you.

Below is the new logo for Bandit Metalsmithing. It reflects my new direction and everything I love. What do you think?

Inspiration behind my new direction and~The Andalusia Collection

When I was a little girl my mother owned her own sewing business. She designed gorgeous wedding dresses, formal wear, and flamenco dresses. She was and still is a very talented seamstress and designer, although she is now retired.

I remember the flamenco dresses where absolutely wonderful. The skirts clung to the waist and hips and then flared out into an ocean of wide ruffles. They were always sewn in beautifully colorful fabrics and patterns. I remember going with her to the garment district in downtown Los Angeles to look for fabrics. We would go to what seemed like every store in Downtown just to collect swatches to show to the customer and then go back again. 

I also got to attend a few flamenco performances. They were FANTASTIC! These women would stomp their feet to the most glorious guitar music while the other women in line would clap rhythmically. They would wave their huge skirts around in the most glorious waves of fabric. They would dance so hard and passionately that hair pins and accessories would fly out of their hair. Their tight pulled back buns would end up being a tousled mess. 
It was a marvelous expression of art and passion. It was bold and beautiful. 

It is this bold beauty and passion that I am bringing with me to my new branding and my new line ~ The Andalusia Collection.

Inspired by the passion and vibrancy of Spanish culture and Flamenco dancing. The Andalusia Collection features bold shapes, stamped patterns, rich gemstones, and lots of movement! A celebration of life, love, and bold beauty.

I will be releasing this collection in groups. The first group of The Andalusia Collection will be released on August 19, 2022 at 10 AM, EST.  This collection will be PRE- ORDER. Production of the Collection will begin August 31. Orders will be ready to ship 3-4 weeks after this date. 
Below is a sneak peak of the earrings I will have available. You can preview the entire collection here. And I will also be previewing the entire collection on Instagram the week of August 15th.


Below is a view of my Pinterest board where I have gathered lots of inspiration for this new collection.  You can hover and scroll through right here in this window or click the Pinterest logo and go directly to my Pinterest board.


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